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Question: Angular2 http.post does not react on full domain name


I have the follwing code:

     JSON.stringify({ username, password }),
     { headers }

Which does not work, I don't even see an error in the browser console. when using only 'api/login' it works, but of course on the wrong domain. The docu just want an url, is there some CORS issue here or any other restriction Thanks for help?

Question author Torsten | Source



http.post returns an observable, just like any http action does. You need to subscribe on it to make it run.

try this:

    { username, password },
    { headers }

Extra info:

subscribe can take 3 paramaters.

  1. onSuccess(response), called on succes with a response from the server
  2. onError(response), called on error with a response from the server
  3. onComplete, called when the call is completed.

I really suggest you deep into observables

Answer author Robin-dijkhof

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