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Question: How to change the Class ID of an ActiveX made in vb6


I have an ActiveX control made in the vb6. Since the client is asking to change the class id and I have no knowledge of vb6, Please help me to determine the class id of an ActiveX.

I have searched a lot on the internet. but of no use.

In C++ the Class ID is mentioned in the '.idl' file. But in vb6 I have no idea.

Thanks in advance.

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After you load the project into VB6, open Project... Properties and look at the Component tab. If the Version Compatibility is set to Binary, VB will attempt to keep the same CLSID (assuming it has a model). If you change this to No Compatibility, or if you change the interface, VB will assign a new CLSID when you compile.

Answer author Jim-mack

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