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Question: Generic function to parse numbers fails with "FromStr is not implemented"


I have this generic function in my Rust code:

fn test<T>(text: &str) -> T {

The idea is that the caller would do something like


But the compilation fails with this message

error: the trait `core::str::FromStr` is not implemented for the type `T` [E0277]

I just started learning Rust yesterday, so this is probably a very basic question that I've failed to find the answer to.

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Like the error message states, T needs to implement core::str::FromStr in order to be applicable for the parse function. The type signature of parse is:

fn parse<F>(&self) -> Result<F, F::Err> where F: FromStr

Which limits the sort of F (or, in your case T) you can use to those implementing FromStr. Your other problem is the type returned by test; it should be the same as the one of parse - a Result.

When you fix those issues, your function will work:

use std::str::FromStr;

fn test<T: FromStr>(text: &str) -> Result<T, T::Err> {

fn main() {
    println!("{:?}", test::<u64>("2313"));


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