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Question: replace two same character with whitespace


I am trying to replace the string below with whitespaces using javascript

    function replaceString()
        var str = "ABC**EFG";
        return str.replace(/\*/g, " ");

I received the result as ABC EFG but I expect the result to come with two whitespace. I also tried the same thing using php str.replace but still get the same result.

Is there any other methods i can used to replace the individual asterisk with whitespace??

P/S: The return string will be used as part of the sql query


I ended up return the string without any replacement to sql, then I use sql replace function to perform replacement in the query.

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If you're displaying the resulting string in an HTML element then two or more whitespaces will be displayed as only one whitespace. To workaround this fact, use   instead:

return str.replace(/\*/g, ' ');
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