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Question: octal to binary for 12 digit numbers in excel


I am trying to convert a 12 digit octal number to binary

But looks like excel's inbuilt function OCT2Bin wont work for numbers greater than 517

So I tried to split the numbers and concatenate them, but it didn't work

I tried


For example Octal to binary of the number




but my formula is returning


I understand that the formula is not working because I shouldn't be breaking the numbers and concatenate them. But I am not sure how to handle it in excel

is there a way to convert 12 digit octal numbers to binary?

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Concatenating the function is no problem because every digit in an octal number represents exactly 3 digits in binary. Your problem is that leading zeros are omitted, e.g. in your example 34o = 011100 but the first 0 is not returned so you only concatenate 11100. The OCT2BIN function has another argument in which you can determine the number of digits returned:

OCT2BIN(34) = 11100
OCT2BIN(34, 6) = 011100

As of performance: you can convert 3 octal digits at once instead of only 2.

Answer author Janb

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