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Question: REGEX - Cut a text between number and letter


Is it possible to use a regex so as to obtain the following features ?

text       = "123abcd56EFG"
listWanted = ["123", "abcd", "56", "EFG"]

The idea is to cut the texte each time one digit is followed by one letter, or one letter is followed by one digit.

The solution thanks to the following answer

import re

pattern = r'(\d+|\D+)'

text  = "123abcd56EFG"
print(re.split(pattern, text))

text  = "abcd56EFG"
print(re.split(pattern, text))

This code will give...

['', '123', '', 'abcd', '', '56', '', 'EFG', '']
['', 'abcd', '', '56', '', 'EFG', '']
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You're going to want to do a split using: \d+|\D+ as your Regex.

--note that you need excape sequences to make the \ in your string, so the actual text entered will be: "\\d+|\\D+"

UNLESS, as noted in the comment below, you use a raw string, in which case it would be r"\d+|\D+" or r'\d+|\D+'

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