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Question: SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 - Folder and Report Security


Is there any way I can list (either using a SSRS report or querying through SQL code), the Username or Group security that has been assigned against root folders, sub-folders or reports ?

I've been asked to identify as an audit, which AD groups have access to all root folders and sub-folders within that root folder, or even down to the individual report level - of who has access!

How do I accomplish this request?

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You can query the ReportServer database for this information, e.g.

    CASE [Catalog].[Type]
        WHEN 1 THEN 'Folder'
        WHEN 2 THEN 'Report'
        WHEN 3 THEN 'Resource'
        WHEN 4 THEN 'Linked Report'
        WHEN 5 THEN 'Data Source'
        WHEN 6 THEN 'Report Model'
        WHEN 8 THEN 'Shared Dataset'
        WHEN 9 THEN 'Report Part'       
    END AS CatalogType,
    --, [Catalog].ItemID 
    , Roles.RoleName
    , Users.UserName
FROM PolicyUserRole 
INNER JOIN Roles ON PolicyUserRole.RoleID = Roles.RoleID
INNER JOIN Policies ON PolicyUserRole.PolicyID = Policies.PolicyID
INNER JOIN Users ON PolicyUserRole.UserID = Users.UserID
INNER JOIN [Catalog] ON PolicyUserRole.PolicyID = [Catalog].PolicyID
    , [Catalog].ItemID
    , [Catalog].Name
    , Roles.RoleName
    , Users.UserName
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