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Question: Remote working [closed]


I've got an interview on Tuesday for a job that's just a little too far to commute to, I would very much like to work remotely 4 out of 5 days a week so I'm asking what are the best ways to sell remote working to a prospective boss.

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While Damian's link seems decent, it is focused on an existing boss, me thinks.

Just six months ago, I convinced my big boss man to allow me to telecommute. With him, and other people I have spoken with about this issue, the elephant in the room that nobody wanted to talk about was trust.

Some people, not just bosses but also your potential coworkers, think telecommuting is just a cover for goofing off, working two jobs, or whatever. Some people, on an emotional level, equate warm bodies in a chair for long hours with actual 'work'. (No matter that you are surfing porn or youtube or codinghorror.com ;) The hard statistics and solid logic will lose to primal, subconscious fears most of the time.

My suggestion would be to use the logical reasons stated by others, but focus on the warm fuzzies:

  • Offer to work the first thee months on site until you have bonded with people.
  • Offer to be 24/7 available by phone.
  • Offer to make that one day a week in the office flexible--change up week-to-week as needed by the company.

Build trust.

If you do get the gig, be sure to respond to any IM, email, phone call, whatever ASAP. And be proactive about letting people know what you are up to.

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